Ornamental 'Mozambican Ebony' Containers

Ornamental 'Mozambican Ebony' Containers

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The East Africans call it Mpingo. We call it simply amazing.

These lidded African blackwood (Mpingo in Swahili) containers are part of a 3,000 year history of wood handcrafted to create beautiful objects. The dense, rich hardwood is grown mainly in areas of East Africa. It is most prolific in Mozambique and is often known as 'Mozambican ebony'. Crafted from sustainably sourced Mpingo wood by artisans living in Mozambique’s vast woodlands, these  rich pieces are both useful and beautiful. The unique lids of the stylish lathe-turned vessels are a chance for the carvers to show off their unique skills. Differences in tone and slight imperfections confirm the authenticity of materials and craftsmanship of every vessel. 

Choose from among 11 carefully selected designs most in 2 sizes. 

A unique gift.

Size: Varies from 6'h-11"h