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The Curious Tour is a virtual, multi-cultural marketplace showcasing the artwork, jewelry, and ceramics of different cultures. I created these online tours to share the art and objects that I have discovered and love from around the world. Whether you’re looking for unique handmade gifts for the special people in your life or want to add these gorgeous creations to your own space, you’ll find the perfect fine art and fine craft here.

How it All Started…

Our first curious tour explores the art and craftwork of South Africa.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of my love affair with South Africa. I was lucky enough to visit this incredible country and meet many of its painters, photographers, artisans, metal workers, beaders, and printmakers.

Everyone I encountered wanted to show me something they made, something that told a story about themselves and their experiences. I was absolutely amazed at local artisans/artists who created the most extraordinary things out of everyday materials, many of which were discarded items. After finding so many talented and undervalued artisans, I decided I wanted to promote their craft/art and sell their work to a wider audience, in an effort to assist them in supporting themselves and becoming more self-reliant.

Your Loved Ones Deserve Exquisitely Unique Handmade Gifts—Buy them Here! 

Contemporary South African culture is a wildly varied mix of languages, politics, imagery, and personal views. This diversity is reflected in the tribal designs, revised European images and contemporary symbols that adorn their unique artwork, jewelry, and ceramics. I’d like to introduce you to selected one-of-a-kind objects and their backstories. These artists/artisans make the most unique handmade gifts—perfect for every occasion and perfect for every special person you shop for online.

Feel good when you purchase these special gifts for special people. Fifty percent of all proceeds support the Mdukatshani Craft Project. This project aids craftswomen in a desolate part of South Africa in becoming self-sufficient, contributing actively to their families’ income and maintaining their traditional family life. 

The Curious Tour has something for every occasion and for everyone. Find jewelry, dinnerware, home décor and holiday gifts that are all handmade, special, and unique. To find out more about our unique handmade gifts and support our operation, contact The Curious Tour online today or call (212) 691-9153.



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