Lisa Firer Collection: Handmade Tea Lights

Lisa Firer Collection: Handmade Tea Lights

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This collection of porcelain tea lights by Lisa Firer makes for the most beautiful and soothing ambience. Each individually crafted tea light is detailed with botanical patterns such as vines and Fynbos which is a sweet heather-like shrub that is native to South Africa. Other styles come with geometric patterns like Paisley, Dash, Lattice and Squares that look stunning in the candlelight.

Skillfully handcrafted, you’ll notice that their diameters are not uniformly rounded or identical across each piece, but that’s what makes these votives interesting and uniquely attractive. Buy them to add a warm and soft glow to any room, or to brighten a quiet dinner on a cool night. Add these porcelain pieces of art to your home décor and you’ll have unmatched conversation starters.

Once you’ve been enchanted by these tea lights in your home, you can’t help sharing the joy with others. Gift them to someone special—it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Purchase them separately, choosing from the six different designs or buy a set of six all together. Battery votive candle is included with each piece. 

each 3¼ ”H x 2¾” diameter
Sold separately @ $45.00 each                                                                                     

Sold as set of six @ $256.00