Vetiver Baskets & Hearts

Vetiver Baskets & Hearts

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Looking to make a statement in your home? Wherever you place these beautiful, multi-purpose vetiver baskets, they are sure to draw attention. Place a vetiver basket on your coffee table as an attractive centerpiece or fill it with fruit on your kitchen table. Combine a few to create gorgeous basket wall art, a popular trend in 2020. Truly a piece of art, it’s no surprise that The New York Times described it as a ‘nest for treasures’ in their 2018 Gift guide.

Our vetiver baskets and hearts are woven from the deep-rooted fragrant vetiver grass, used in land conservation as well as many products such as perfumes, lotions, teas, crafts and rope. Artisans weave dried vetiver to form a most perfect nest, a small and special place for your most special objects. Place a heart on a beautiful welcoming wreath. Add it to your thoughtfully selected and packaged gift hamper for a loved one on their special day. Buy them for your home or office and enjoy the scented, organic feel of these unique pieces. Bring warmth and beauty to any room with these artistically handcrafted vetiver baskets and hearts.

Choose the size you want:

  • Large Vetiver Basket: 12" diameter x 4 1/2" h x 7" opening
  • Medium Vetiver Basket: 10 1/2" diameter x 3"h x 4 1/2" opening
  • Vetiver Heart: 5" x 5" x 3" depth

Each sold separately

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