Kikoi Shawls 74"long x 40"wide

Kikoi Shawls 74"long x 40"wide

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Next to the only fuel station in a sleepy village in Southern Mozambique, you’ll find a small shop with authentic hand-woven kikois--a traditional woven rectangle of East African fabric used as a shawl, a sarong, a robe, or even a bag. The owner is from Mozambique and his wife from Angola.

The main weaver is from Zanzibar and uses an old loom to create his beautiful one-of-a-kind designs.

Everyone is part of the process; from collecting the plants for cotton dyeing, to weaving and promoting the business.

The kikois are made from harvested, spun and natural dyed cotton. Recently, because of a shortage of plant material, these makers of kikois have had to make a change from 100% natural dyes to synthetic dyes.

The results, as always, are beautiful and fashionable...........having been used and appreciated by Madonna and Prince Harry to name a few.


Dimensions: A generous 74"L x 40"W

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