Potina Ball Pot in Creme

Potina Ball Pot in Creme

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This is a unique item.

Vuyisa “Elvis” Potina, a South African ceramic artist, owns and manages Potina Ceramics, his internationally known studio based in Franschhoek in the Western Cape.

When talking with Vuyisa Potina and asked about his approach to ceramics, he has said,
“To work with our hands is part of our culture”. Potina's Xhosa roots go back to the rural Eastern Cape. He blends the traditional smoke-firing techniques of his culture with a contemporary approach to form and function. "I prefer to let the natural colors and textures of the clay come to the fore, ensuring that my work remains original, exciting and sought after. I get inspired by nature and I love ethnic color. My products are influenced by my Xhosa background."

Size: 7"H x 8 1/2"diameter (approximately)