Oh, what a TRAY!

Oh, what a TRAY!

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Imagine your most festive gathering.....buzzing with conversation and merriment. The hostess appears with a large red tray filled with strawberry shortcakes and whipped cream. You've never seen so much dessert, but, Oh! What a tray!

And that tray is made by a unique company called Moonbasket.

Moonbasket is a business started by Cape Town designer and artist Dani Le Roy and crochet expert Laura Summs.

Moonbasket creates beautiful items for living, producing a varied range of crocheted trays, bowls and other home accessories. Their products support a community-based project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.  The creations from Moonbasket are hand-crafted from hemp which emphasizes the sculptural quality of the stitchwork expertly executed by the craftswomen of Khayelitsha. Crochet is one of the few crafts that cannot be replicated by machine.

The  luxury of each handmade item is its most essential quality.

Size: 1 1/8"High x 20"diameter