Lisa Firer Collection: Porcelain Taper Vases

Lisa Firer Collection: Porcelain Taper Vases

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Each of these is a unique item.

Lisa Firer is in love with porcelain.

For the last 23 years this award winning artist/designer has had her own design studio/workshop in Cape Town, South Africa creating what seems to be never ending collections of unique, organic forms.

She and her close-knit team of women explore the marvels of porcelain using various techniques of hand rolling, hand embossing, and slab imprinting.

Firer's total dedication to the handmade object creates unique pieces that bear the mark, energy and love of the makers. She has created a range of tea light holders, vases and vessels some of which we are proud to feature at The Curious Tour. 

8 1/2"h x 3" diameter opening at top 
4" diameter at bottom