Large Beaded Gourd, Aqua with Blue Dots

Large Beaded Gourd, Aqua with Blue Dots

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This is a unique item.

Perfectly imperfect.

One of the most impressive things about African craft is its ability to convert everyday raw materials into something special and beautiful.

In Africa, the omnipresent gourd is part of daily and ceremonial life. A particular example of Congolese craftsmanship is our decorative dark blue and aqua beaded gourd which creates a wonderful balance between shape and color.

Every part of the process is worked by hand; from selection of the gourd to cutting and cleaning, fashioning the removable top and creating the design.

Let our fantastic colorful gourd be a part of daily life in your home or give as a unique gift to someone special.

14"L x  15"H x 13 1/4"W