Horn Fruit Bowls

Horn Fruit Bowls

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Each is a unique product.


With a vision of Fair-trade practices and Fair job opportunities horn production has been done since 1985 by both women and men in workshops located in underserved areas of Kampala, capital of Uganda.


This particular variety of cow horn is a bi-product of food consumption and Africans have found a way to turn these once discarded items into beautiful and practical objects.


The outer layer of horn or shell, is separated from its inner material leaving only hollow horn. Each piece is sized and cut. The horn is then boiled, becoming malleable and is shaped in molds according to its end use. Once cooled, the horn hardens into its new shape. It is cleaned, extensively sanded and hand polished with wax and a polishing cloth. This intensive hand crafting yields a most beautiful and unique finished product.


These horn products are food safe.  


Please choose from our striking one-of-a-kind bowls.


from 13 1/2"- 17" Long