Hennie Meyer's Spoons Cubistique, Small & Medium Sets: from $185 a set

Hennie Meyer's Spoons Cubistique, Small & Medium Sets: from $185 a set

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These are unique items.

Hennie Meyer is a highly acclaimed South African ceramicist. From his studio in Capetown he works predominantly in earthenware, creating distinctly individual pieces.

Here he has turned his attention to the idea of transforming the everyday spoon into something quite different, giving us a select view into his vast and varied body of work.  Meyer creates aesthetically pleasing vessels, objects and installations in his recognizable signature style. 

Hennie enjoys the challenge of making composite shapes, experimenting continually with the expressive qualities of clay, rich glazes and color. He expressesd a balance of strong form with highly detailed surfaces. His work is neither commercial nor mass-produced. Every single piece is individually formed and shaped, then repeatedly glazed and fired.

He exhibits extensively, both locally and overseas. His work has been included in numerous private collections, international publications, and museums.

Photo A. Small set: salmon, periwinkle, light blue, turquoise, light green

Sizes:  4 5/8"L-5 1/4" (approximately)

Photo B. Medium set: yellow, green, periwinkle, light blue

Sizes: 5 3/4"L-6" (approximately)