Katherine Glenday Ceramics $90-$360

Katherine Glenday Ceramics $90-$360

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Well known South African ceramicist Katherine Glenday is the creator of these delicate and whimsical porcelains.Communicating the properties of translucency through her work is one of Glenday's primary goals.

In essence she considers herself to be a painter using the vessels as canvases in the round. Glenday uses varied materials such as feathers, stones, rocks, shells and clay shards to engender ideas for her work.

In the words of Rose Shakinovsky, fellow contemporary artist, [Glenday's] "vessels function as containers of air, liquid, sound and silence. Her work evokes a sense of clarity, simplicity and inner peace".

Size:  a. 10 piece set                                                                                                              b. 6 cup set-3"H x 2 3/4"diameter (each cup)                                                                  c. large + medium bowl set-3-1/4"H x 6"diameter + 2 1/2"h x 5 1/2"diameter              d. large + medium bowl set---same as C