The Upcycled Blooming Vases Collection

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South Africa’s rich tradition of the colorful and creative lets our friends at Rootz Creationz in KwaZulu Natal see many possibilities for handcrafting from their environment.

We call these “Blooming Vases”. Each is actually made from a recycled coke bottle which has had a serviette (paper napkin) applied. The coke bottle is then cut, sliced, and folded just so; now it’s an upcycled container with many new purposes.

Use it to hold: cut flowers, a small cactus, desk necessities, plastic utensils, jewelry, keys or anything your imagination fancies.


Closed—4”H and 4”diameter
Open—5.5”H and 4”diameter

Sold individually.

United States UK Europe
0 Extra Small 4 32
6 34
8 36
8 Medium 10 38
10 Large 12 40
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