Thanksgiving 2021 is a Celebration of Blessings and an Appreciation of Loved Ones

Having endured the challenges of a global pandemic, we truly have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. The festive holiday reminds us to be thankful for the myriad blessings in our lives - good health, the love of family, treasured friendships, jobs, financial stability, and the world around us. Never has there been a time when communities have bonded together so closely, supporting each other in small and big ways. So many of us have gone the extra mile to show how much we care despite our busy lives. But rural artisans in their smaller communities have done this for centuries! Now it’s time for us to show them our support too. The Curious Tour offers gifts handmade with love and quality craftsmanship by talented artisans.

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year in the true spirit of gratitude and care, show your loved ones how much they mean to you by doing something extra special. You might not be able to spend this special day with them, but you certainly can send them your love and blessings with exquisite handmade gifts in The Curious Tour collection. We offer a variety of jewelry, home and kitchen décor, designer ceramics, handbags, accessories, holiday ornaments and many more items, all handmade with passion, hard work and a remarkable spirit of community by women artisans and other rural artists.


In addition to family and friends, let’s also take a moment to think about, thank, and celebrate the heroes that provided us with services and put themselves at risk during a life-threatening pandemic. Healthcare professionals, caregivers, grocery store employees, transit drivers, food delivery staff, soup kitchen and food bank employees, janitorial and cleaning staff, are a gift we have been blessed with, though words are not enough to express that. Unique handmade gifts shopped online at The Curious Tour is a great way to show them your appreciation for giving all of us a safer, more comfortable life.

Your purchase will mean a lot for our rural artisans who can share the joy of the holiday with you. We truly feel that our artists are heroic in their efforts to keep their artistic talent alive despite the hardships they face in their harsh, remote, rural communities. Contribute to the Mdukatshani Craft Project where hard-working South African craftswomen strive to become independent and support their families with the extraordinary work of their artistic hands.

We at The Curious Tour wish you and all our customers, partners, and artists a happy Thanksgiving, full of joy, love, and appreciation. We hope and pray for many more blessings in your future and ours. May humility and gratitude embrace you and your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

From all of us at The Curious Tour