African Beaded Jewelry

African Beaded Jewelry Uniquely Accessorizes Your Stylish Wardrobe

Trinkets and baubles, beads and strings, dreams are made of all these pretty things! When you browse our collection of African beaded jewelry, you won’t stop dreaming. There are so many options to choose from. If you’re like us, you may just want them all (we don’t blame you). Our exquisite range has pieces that will tie together your work attire, dress up your everyday or party clothes, and even give you fabulous options that will pair beautifully with formal, elegant outfits. The best part is that while you look amazing in our jewelry, you can feel good about it as well. Every purchase supports the Mdukatshani Craft Project which helps craftspeople in Msinga, South Africa become financially self-sufficient. 

Work Attire—You Can Work It!  

Those Monday morning meetings can be a pain. You just want to wear something comfortable and casual but still want to look put together so everyone in the room takes notice. Let our African beaded jewelry add that power to your personality. The Pedi Bangles in Sultry Neutrals will look amazing at the cuffs of your work blouse and That Loopy Feelin’ Necklace will bring the life back to your everyday blazer. Browse our full collection for the perfect additions to make you feel like your best and strongest self at work. 

Wear it Everyday 

Don’t just go to a party, be the party. With styles such as our or Chunky Fiesta Long Necklace you are sure to turn heads. These beautiful bursts of color and big eye-catching patterns are perfect for fun events and parties from birthdays to fundraisers. We also carry styles like The Soft and Simple Necklaces and Colorful Wearable Slinkys that can dress up a plain white tee or casual lunch attire. Or maybe you like the Button Blast Bracelets that will dress up your everyday look. These pieces preserve the casual look of your outfit while still adding ‘that just right touch’. Our African beaded jewelry is great for everyone, every day.

Contemporary Elegance 

Whether you’re attending a wedding or an award ceremony, presenting yourself with elegance makes you stand out. This collection of African beaded jewelry exudes contemporary elegance to elevate your gorgeous outfits. Have a look at our Spiral Wonder Necklaces or the Chunky Bright and Bold Necklace that come in simple color schemes but extremely impressive beadwork. These unique pieces will compliment your grace and elegance while supporting artisans in harsh, rural areas of Africa. That definitely checks off all our criteria for the perfect jewelry!  

Sweet Treats 

When you hear ‘Candy Crunch’ and ‘Caramel Delight’ you might think of delicious mouth-watering treats, but we think of this special set of necklaces. In our collection of African Beaded Jewelry, we have a delectable set of Candy Crunch and Caramel Delight Necklaces. Drool! Our Candy Crunch Necklaces come in 6 different colors and styles. Each style has different beads and baubles so you can find the one that works best for you! Our Caramel Delight Necklace and Bracelet Set has luscious amber toned beads that will look beautiful with any skin tone, hair color and outfit. These eye-catching sets are perfect for an absolutely delicious you!

Browse our collection online today to find the perfect accessories for you or someone you know. While you’re shopping, learn more about the Mdukatshani Craft Project and how your purchase of African beaded jewelry helps improve lives for struggling communities.