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55 products

Create Lasting Memories with Handcrafted Gifts for Friends

Friendships are special bonds. They come in all shapes, and forms, and sizes. A kindergarten buddy may still be your bestie at 65. Your soccer coach from high school may have become your mentor and friend for life. The shy coffee dispenser service tech at the office might be the one you can spill your heart out to and not fear being judged.

And not to forget, Mom will likely be your best friend for life. So, when you want to buy handcrafted gifts for friends, we understand that you come with a very special feeling, and we want you to find the most special items in our virtual, multi-cultural marketplace.

At The Curious Tour, we delight in showcasing the artistic creations from many different cultures. Home décor, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, baskets, dinnerware, apparel, planters, and all kinds of unique handmade items are available all in one place, online. Buy them today, create memories for a lifetime.

We donate 50 percent of all proceeds to the Mdukatshani Craft Project. This outreach program helps craftswomen in rural parts of South Africa in their efforts to become self-sufficient and nurture their families in a struggling community.

We want you to feel good when you buy these special handmade gifts for friends, who are all very special people.