Anthony Shapiro

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      21 products

      Make a Minimalist-Chic Statement with Anthony Shapiro Ceramics

      A cobalt blue and white dotted planter, a ceramic bottle with blue and white swirls, a ‘green tea’ colored bowl, a uniquely designed elliptical vase in cream—these are just a few of the beautiful handmade Anthony Shapiro ceramics you can find in our online store.

      Traditionally, blue and white are colors of choice for Chinese and Japanese ceramics as they are believed to lend a sense of calming serenity to a space. Delft ceramic pottery from The Netherlands also uses the same color combination.

      Many of the items you see in our collection of Anthony Shapiro ceramics take this traditional look and elevate it with masterful, chic designs that are truly breathtaking. The accomplished South African artist’s creations are hugely popular for their blended contemporary-classic look and minimalist style. His vases and bowls are hand thrown and hand coiled.

      We take pride in bringing the talent of amazing South African artisans, to the world beyond their villages and small towns. Visit our online shop to browse through the extensive collection of Anthony Shapiro ceramics. Whether you are looking for handmade gifts for your loved ones or indulging in some stylish décor for your home or office, you are sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces at The Curious Tour.