White Statement Necklaces for Summer Fashion

Summer is here and it’s hot, fun and fresh! It’s time to bring out the dainty sandals, long flowy dresses, short flirty skirts and everything you missed wearing while it was cold outside. While we love summer fashion, we’re most excited about summer jewelry. This year, it’s all about white statement pieces. African beaded necklaces look stunning in the sunshine and candlelight while the color white compliments every skin tone, hair color and outfit. Easy to pair with and easy to love, here are our favorites from The Curious Tour collection: 

Candy Crunch Necklace: White with Baubles

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Candy Crunch necklaces are mouth-watering! This time, we want to draw your attention to the white piece with bauble charms between each handcrafted resin bead, strung on a bright white leather cord. This African beaded necklace will stand out beautifully against a bold red dress that you wear for a warm evening dinner, or pair with an all-white outfit for a monochromatic look down to the details. We adore that these beads are made from repurposed candy molds and that ultimately, each purchase will support the talented artisans that made it.

Firecrackers All Year ‘Round!

Summer means celebration and firecrackers, but not the ones that scare the neighbor’s dog. We want to see you in a Firecracker All Year ‘Round necklace! These bold, daring statement pieces are made with intricate beadwork that literally look like shimmery fireworks dazzling around your neck. These stunning African beaded necklaces will add pop to a simple summer outfit or highlight a bold one. You can choose to wear this piece any way you want; it will look gorgeous no matter what you pair it with.

Warm as White Necklace  

When the weather is hot you don’t want to try on multiple outfits to look your best. This summer throw on your simple go-to outfit and let this necklace do all the work for you! The details on the piece are to die for. Square beads are layered in solid and clear resin to add depth to the look. Next, each square bead is set between an intricate triple coil of impressive beadwork. To top it off, charms are strategically placed making this necklace a show stopper. This African beaded necklace can be fun and light or elegant and daring depending on what you pair it with. Try it for yourself this summer at an elegant birthday dinner or breezy brunch by the lake.

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The Curious Tour supports the Mdukatshani Craft Project which receives fifty percent of all proceeds. The project aids artisans and creators, especially craftswomen in harsh, rural parts of Africa. This helps artists and their families stay self-sufficient and stable.

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