Warm Up Your Home Décor for Winter with Handmade Tealights and Woven Baskets

As the weather starts to turn chilly again, we’ll all be spending more time at home and we want it to be as warm and cozy as possible. Warming up your home may start with turning the heating on, but it’s the décor that makes you feel nice n’ cozy.

At The Curious Tour we have a variety of handmade baskets, tealights, and serving dishes that will do the trick for this cold season. What’s more, you’ll also be supporting women’s causes by shopping these unique handmade items from our online store.

Lisa Firer Collection: Handmade Tea Lights

At The Curious Tour, we love anything and everything made by porcelain artist Lisa Firer. For this season, we want to decorate homes with her handmade tealights.These individually crafted tealights come in 6 different designs including geometric patterns and botanical patterns like vines and fynbos which are native to South Africa.

These sweet little lights will add a warm glow and comforting ambience to any space. They can be displayed individually but we wouldn’t blame you for getting the set of 6!

Vetiver Baskets & Hearts

Speaking of heartwarming, what gets the job done better than the shape of a heart itself? These beautifully crafted vetiver baskets and hearts are woven with fragrant and deep-rooted vetiver grass. The baskets make beautiful centerpieces by themselves or they can be displayed holding fruit, ornaments or wrapped up sweets.

The hearts are lovely decorative pieces and can be displayed with holiday décor, used as wall art or placed on your front door wreath to show that your home is abundantly full of love! Enjoy the earthy, woody scent and organic look that these baskets bring to any space in your home this winter.

Potina—Large Brown Dish with Creme Circles

South African ceramic artist Vuyisa Potina has blended a traditional style of smoke-firing techniques with a contemporary approach to form and function when creating this beautiful large dish.

The dish is inspired by his Xhosa background and the natural colors and textures of the clay are sure to warm your home décor during these cold months. The warm colors and simple patterns make this a beautiful piece that will match any theme in your home.

Oblong Horn Serving Bowls

If you’re like us, then food is the way to your heart and anything that special deserves the perfect serving dish. This winter season warm your home and dinner table with the Oblong Horn Serving bowls. What makes these bowls so special is that they are a by-product of food consumption which makes them sustainable.

The Ugandans have found a way to turn these once discarded items into beautiful and useful serving bowls through a process of boiling, shaping, sanding and shaping. We can’t wait to serve our favorite treats and meals in these gorgeous bowls!

Looking for more winter décor? We have lots! Our online shop has multiple collections of handmade, sustainable and unique gifts that you can wear, gift or decorate with. Our products also support worthy causes like the Mdukatshani Craft Project which receives fifty percent of all proceeds.

The project aids artisans and creators, especially craftswomen in harsh, rural parts of South Africa. This helps artists and their families stay self-sufficient and stable.

To learn more about the Mdukatshani Craft Project and shop our handcrafted and unique gifts, contact The Curious Tour online today or call (212) 691-9153.