Valentine’s Day Guide to Handmade Gifts

Shopping for a special Valentine's Day gift that your partner will love can be difficult. With endless options for jewelry, fragrances, and home design products, many of us have a hard time coming up with the perfect gift idea. The Curious Tour presents a wide range of unique handmade gifts, created by incredible artisans in South Africa.

These beautiful gifts warm the hearts of their receivers, and 50% of all proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Mdukatshani Project. Your support will mean the world to the artists and skilled craftspeople who create your unique gift. Continue reading for your ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Great Gift Ideas for $65 and Under

1. Zenzulu™ cuffs

Talented designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan is the creator/founder of the South African Zenzulu™ brand, which is dedicated to creating world-renowned original decor and handwoven art pieces. Her contemporary Zenzulu cuffs are made from telephone wire, Zenzulu’s™ signature material, woven into a beautiful, versatile bracelet that is sure to complement any outfit. The Curious Tour is proud to showcase Zenzulu’s™ innovative designs that combine unique materials, superior technique, and commitment to South African traditions.

2. Pedi Bangles

Members of the African Pedi people have traditionally handcrafted various goods such as pottery and beadwork. Today, these traditional crafts are still used in regions such as Limpopo, South Africa, where these vibrant bangles are made. These uniquely crafted bracelets are perfect for those who love to wear bright, eye-catching pieces. This Valentine’s Day give your significant other a gift that is sure to show off her shining personality (and won’t be seen anywhere else except on her arm) while paying tribute to important African beading skills.

3. Handcrafted Porcelain tea lights

These porcelain tea lights are beautifully designed with unique, handcrafted embossing that shows the diverse skills used by the women who create these gifts. The warm glow of these tea lights is versatile enough to complement both traditional and contemporary home decor, making them a popular gift choice that is sure to become a classic.

4. Vetiver baskets and hearts

Vetiver grass is a part of environmental sustainability and culture in Africa. This grass has been a natural source of erosion prevention throughout the river systems and plains of South Africa for many years. With adequate farming education, the cultivation of this critical erosion preventing grass serves as a powerful agroecological approach to land use. Vetiver can be made into several marketable goods: perfume, lotion, tea, baskets, rope, and aromatherapy oil.

Our beautiful handcrafted vetiver baskets and hearts are perfect for holding sweet and precious objects and giving off a fragrance like no other. Share the incredible vetiver story with your partner.

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