Unique Handmade Holiday Gifts Under $65 for Your Loved Ones

It’s supposed to be a time for relaxation and fun, but somehow, each holiday season starts off being a little stressful.

While there may not be as much cooking and baking to do this year with social distancing guidelines in place, you still have to make your gift list, grab the best deals, and shop the best gifts for all your loved ones.

You can do all this and yet, remain stress-free. At The Curious Tour we have put together a list of a few unique handmade gifts under $65.

They are elegant, timeless and won’t drain your wallets! These pieces are sure to be treasured by whoever receives them. Shall we take a look?

Lisa Firer Collection: Fynbos Bud Vases

A beautiful porcelain creation just says “I appreciate you” like nothing else can. This elegant Fynbos Bud Vase was handcrafted by ceramic artist Lisa Firer. These delicate folded vases are adorned with whimsical swirls of porcelain fynbos which is a shrub that is indigenous to South Africa.

This is a lovely unique handmade gift that can hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers, eucalyptus stems, or pampas grass. You can choose between two designs of either flowers or pearls, whichever you think will be loved more by someone you care about.

The Shimmer Ornaments Collection

When we say holiday, you say ornaments! Drool over our dazzling collection of Shimmer Ornaments that will make the sweetest gifts this year.

With over 15 unique and intricate designs that come in a variety of color combinations and exquisite patterns, you are sure to find the best match for each person on your gift list.

The ornaments can be hung on a Christmas tree, placed in a centerpiece bowl, or displayed on a shelf. However you choose to use them, their shimmer is sure to light up every room and every heart.

Although the beadwork on these is priceless, they are perfect, affordable, unique handmade gifts for this season.

Pedi Bangles in Sultry Neutrals

Simple, neutral, beautiful, affordable, unique, handmade…the list goes on and on when it comes to our Pedi Bangles. These iconic slip-on beaded bangles are created by the Pedi women of South Africa.

Their expert beadwork and rich color choices catch the light and reflect a magnificent shimmer that make these a wonderful gift to be treasured by anyone and everyone. The neutral and sophisticated colors will pair beautifully not only with holiday outfits but with outfits all year long.

Moonbasket Nest Baskets

These Moonbasket Nest Baskets are a wonderful addition to any home. This year, you can choose to gift a unique handcrafted basket that can be put to many uses. These contemporary hand crocheted hemp baskets can hold ornaments, fruit, flower petals, or can be displayed alone as simple and beautiful artwork.

The best part of these baskets that we love is that they support a community-based project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa. The stitch-work that is done by hand by the craftswomen of Khayelitsha is of such high quality that it cannot be replicated by machine.

The uniqueness of this item adds to the luxury, and who says luxury has to be expensive?

Browse our collections to find more affordable and unique handmade gifts for this holiday season!

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