Unique Handmade Gifts that are Perfect for Father’s Day

Are you looking for that special Father’s Day gift? Something different from what you get him every year? At The Curious Tour you’ll find breathtaking, handcrafted pieces to show dad how much you appreciate him. Not only are these gifts unique in style, they can be used uniquely as well. Dad will enjoy countless opportunities to show them off. Of course, he wants to! Whether it’s at his next poker night with the boys or a formal dinner with clients, he will take pride in these conversation starters. Have a look at a few items from our most exquisite décor items to gift the special Dad in your life this Father’s Day. 

Mozambique Blackwood Vase 

Your Dad may not be looking for a vase to place flowers in, but maybe he wants a stylish holder for his cocktail stirrers. Or a stand-out piece on his desk to hold his stylus and pens. With 11 different styles and the deep, rich color of the wood, these vases will match and elevate any interior décor, making them the perfect gifts for Dad this Father’s Day. Artisans living in Mozambique’s woodlands sustainably source Mpingo wood which is part of a 3000-year history of wood. Often known as Mozambican Ebony, this wood is handcrafted into intricate and unique vases. Our smaller vases can adorn his bar while the larger ones can elevate the living room. Each one is slightly different in tone and structure which confirms its authenticity.  

Oblong Horn Serving bowl 

Want a gift that looks beautiful and makes you feel good about it too? We have it right here for you. Artisans in Uganda have found a way to turn this ecologically harvested byproduct into a gorgeous and useful object. Each piece is boiled, shaped, sanded and hand polished to create a beautiful and food safe bowl. With 6 different shapes and colors to choose from, these bowls will give Dad something to show off at every get-together. Perfect for those spiced garlic olives, mixed nuts, or even for his special poker chips instead! These multi-use oblong bowls are just what you’re looking for this Father’s Day. 

Oblong Horn Serving bowl

Horn Container

When you think of Dad what comes to mind? For us, we think countless cufflinks, too much spare change and “Hey! Where are my keys?” This Father’s Day, gift Dad one of our striking, sustainable and eco-friendly horn containers for him to keep everything in one place. These beautiful containers look good on the dresser, by the front door, and just about anywhere else you place them. These unique gifts go through a lengthy process of boiling, shaping, cooling, cleaning, sanding and polishing to leave you with a distinct and gorgeous product like no other. 

Horn Container

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