Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

If you’ve run out of ideas this Valentine’s Day or want to do something completely different this year, we have some great alternative gift ideas at The Curious Tour. One of our most popular jewelry options also supports the Mdukatshani Project, a great cause that assists with economic independence for women and their families, environmental sustainability, and education in KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa.

With the beautiful, handcrafted goods made by artists, your partner can enjoy African crafts such as vetiver baskets and many of the one-of-a-kind items in our South African ceramic collection. Here we highlight a few of our favorite unexpected gift ideas that you can wow her with this Valentine’s Day.

Unexpected Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Vetiver baskets and hearts

Vetiver grass is a part of environmental sustainability and culture in Africa. This grass has been a natural source of erosion prevention throughout the river systems and plains of South Africa for many years. With adequate farming education, the cultivation of this critical erosion preventing grass serves as a powerful agroecological approach to land use. Vetiver can be made into many marketable goods: perfume, lotions, teas, baskets, rope, and aromatherapy oil.

Our beautiful handcrafted vetiver baskets and hearts are perfect for holding sweet and precious objects and giving off a fragrance like no other. Share this incredible vetiver story with your partner.

Queen of hearts

Many of the artists that we have met since the creation of The Curious Tour have shown their skills in the realm of ceramics. Our beautiful ceramic hearts are made with incredible attention to detail and are available as either an intricate lace design or a smooth, glowing surface. Give a precious gift and show your support for artists in South Africa this Valentine's Day.

Anthony Shapiro Cobalt Blue and White Dotted Bottle

Anthony Shapiro is a celebrated South African artist, who has shared his mastery of ceramics in galleries all over the world. These one-of-a-kind ceramic bottles are a unique gift idea for art lovers and interior design enthusiasts that will be the centerpiece of any room.

Porcelain Bud Vases

These beautifully designed porcelain bud vases show the diverse skills of the women who create these treasured gifts. These carefully folded, embossed bud vases are versatile enough to complement both traditional and contemporary home decor, making them a popular gift choice sure to become a classic. 

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