Three Unique Handmade Gifts to Give for Easter

If you’re racking your brain trying to purchase the perfect Easter gift for your friend or partner, don’t worry, The Curious Tour is here to help. Our catalog of unique, handmade gifts has a little something for everyone, but there are a few pieces that really shine as Easter gifts. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our collection that will make a perfect fit for the season.

Let’s take a look! 

The Shimmer Ornaments Collection

Are you looking for a unique, lasting treasure that your partner, friend, or family member will be able to cherish for many years to come? If so, you’ll be just thrilled with our Shimmer Ornaments Collection. Handcrafted by Zulu artisans in South Africa as part of the Mdukatshani Craft Project, these ornaments are just bursting with bright, shimmering colors and designs. They make the perfect Easter gift, and can also be used as holiday decorations. 

A Most “Egg-Cellent” Tray 

Handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa, these lovely handmade trays will go over “egg-cellently” at any dinner party or gathering. Not only do they boast a unique, one-of-a-kind design, they’re also functional, eco-friendly and reusable. These whimsical egg trays are all you need to make a simple meal feel extra special. Their exterior is smoky and sleek, due to the traditional pit-fired process used in their creation. You can also use your egg tray as kitchenware, to keep things in close proximity while making your favorite omelet.  

Pedi Bangles in Vibrant Brights

Perfect as a single bracelet or in sets of two and three, our Pedi Bangles come in vibrant, candy-colored hues perfect for every outfit. Made by the Pedi people of Limpopo, these beautiful bracelets employ traditional techniques to create something colorful and contemporary. These bangles are eye-catching and make a perfect complement to nearly any outfit. Whether you’re buying a gift for a fashionista or just want to give something different for a change, these bangles are sure not to disappoint. 

Contact us for more unique handmade gift ideas! 

If you’re still searching for more great Easter gift ideas, The Curious Tour has much more to offer. In addition to the popular items mentioned above, we also carry Vetiver baskets, bowls, tea lights, and more, all handcrafted by expert artisans. To find out more about our inventory or place an order, contact us online today or call (212) 691-9153.