The Best Gifts to Give This Year

In recent years, global awareness of the earth’s current problems of ecological destruction and widespread poverty has significantly increased and with that, many people are on the lookout for products that can make a difference. At The Curious Tour, we sell a variety of beautiful, sustainable, and supportive handmade gifts made by communities of artists from South Africa, and recently South America.

Shoppers can contribute to our planet knowing that 50% of all proceeds are donated to the Mdukatshani Project supporting environmentally-friendly farming practices, education, and fine craft. This year give your loved ones heartfelt gifts that give back.

Top Gifts of 2020

Shimmer ornaments 

These sparkling, beaded egg-shaped ornaments are the perfect, colorful gift to showcase the expertise, time and skill these crafts require. These beautiful pieces help support economic initiatives by supporting women’s causes, as South African women are able to support their families and gain independence through these beautiful creations. With a stunning range of color and designs, these ornaments will be the center of attraction in any home throughout the year.

Handmade porcelain tea lights

These porcelain tea lights are beautifully designed with unique, handcrafted embossing that shows the diverse skills used by the women who create these gifts. The warm glow of these tea lights is versatile enough to complement both traditional and contemporary home decor, making them a popular gift choice of timeless design.

Vetiver baskets and hearts

Vetiver grass is an integral part of environmental sustainability and culture in Africa. This grass has been a natural source of erosion prevention throughout the river systems and plains of South Africa for many years. With adequate farming education, the cultivation of this critical erosion preventing grass serves as a powerful agroecological approach to land use. Vetiver can be made into a number of marketable goods: perfume, lotion, tea, baskets, rope, and aromatherapy oil.

Our beautiful handcrafted vetiver baskets and hearts are perfect for holding sweet and precious objects and giving off a fragrance like no other.  Share the incredible vetiver story with your partner.

Alpaca Hats & Scarves

Recently, The Curious Tour has ventured to Peru. We simply couldn’t resist the gorgeous, hand-crafted Alpaca-blend scarves and hats we found. The best part about them is that they’re made by artisan craftswomen to help support their families. These alpaca products are lanolin free, extremely soft uniquely designed and come in a wide a variety of colors. They’re warm and snug and perfect for winter, so choose from seven styles and have a blast.

The Curious Tour Tea Lights and Bud Vases

With our diverse collections of handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts, shoppers can find everything from beautifully crafted porcelain bud vases to delicate tea lights. Make this a year full of meaningful gift-giving, all while supporting women's causes, and powerful ecological movements. 

Contact us today at (212) 691-9153 or to learn more about our beautiful collections, or visit our website for more information about the Mdukatshani Craft Project and how it is helping local artists in South Africa gain economic independence.