Thanksgiving 2020 is a Time to Count Our Blessings and Be Grateful

Leaves have fallen and the landscape is bare, but the Thanksgiving table is bountiful and filled with tradition. In many homes this year, the scene may look quite different. No family and friends visiting might mean a simpler meal and quieter celebrations. The key thing to remember is that there is still cause for celebration. No matter how hard times may be, we all have a lot to be grateful for and we celebrate our many blessings. Living through a pandemic is not something anyone could have imagined at the start of 2020, and yet, here we are, coming to the close of this unprecedented year, taking each day in our strides. Our world has seen more heroes than we can ever count—from healthcare professionals to caregivers, grocery store employees, transit drivers, food delivery staff, soup kitchen and food bank employees, janitorial and cleaning staff, we are being served every day by people who are putting themselves at risk for us. How can we feel anything but blessed and immensely grateful? Words are not enough, but we’ll say them anyway—THANK YOU to everyone who makes our lives safer, more secure and more comfortable every day.   

At The Curious Tour, we are constantly amazed and in awe of the fortitude and tenacity of individuals living under challenging circumstances. Many of the artists we see around the world and whose fine craft and fine art we carry in our collections are inspiring people who face hardships that most of us cannot even begin to imagine, let alone experience. This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to shop our online store for extraordinary items you can buy for your loved ones, including gorgeous gifts that support women’s causes. Get your holiday shopping done and check off everyone on your list, in one place! We have exquisite tableware, home décor items, jewelry and accessories, designer wear, holiday ornaments and even curious little showpieces to make your gifts this year the best ones ever. While you’re making your list, don’t forget to include some of the everyday heroes we mentioned earlier. The nurse who looked after grandma, the grocery store employee who went above and beyond to help you load up your car, the pizza delivery person who took the stairs to your apartment because the elevators were closed for sanitization, and so many others who deserve our support and thanks.

May this Thanksgiving be a time for reflection, reconciliation and the deepest sense of humility and gratitude. At The Curious Tour, we want to wish all our customers, partners and artists, a very Happy Thanksgiving. We consider each one of you a blessing and are grateful to have you in our lives.

Thank you and God bless.