Show off Your Home Decorating Skills with Anthony Shapiro Ceramics

Follow the Top Home Décor Trends in 2020

Home decorating is a great way to maintain an energizing yet relaxing environment to work, learn, socialize and live your daily life with loved ones. At The Curious Tour, we bring you our beautiful collections of handcrafted gifts while keeping up with the top trends. As you explore different ways to decorate your home and enrich your indoor greenery, do take a look at Anthony Shapiro ceramics and make a statement with his blue and white planters. 

Approaching the last quarter of this extraordinary year, we all realize, more than we ever did before, how important it is to have a clean and beautiful home. After all, we have spent months indoors and will stay home for the most part of 2020 to keep ourselves safe and healthy. There’s nothing quite like refreshing greens and flowers in stunning pots and planters to make your home an indoor oasis. 

Here are four trends for 2020 that we want to share with you:

  1. Gardening for the Soul

It’s no secret that taking care of plants is therapeutic. However, not many of us take advantage of the benefits of consuming herbs and produce that we have grown and tended to ourselves. Or consider the aromatherapy that you can enjoy from fresh florals like lavender and eucalyptus. Why not make your indoor garden taste and smell as good as it looks?

  1. Houseplants Are Here to Stay

Lush, verdant greenery and bright fresh florals are the key to a beautiful space in any home.

  1. Pick Unique, Stylish Containers

Flowers and greenery are the right place to start and your plants deserve gorgeous containers. With so many options it can be hard to decide, which takes us to our next favorite trend...

  1. Beautiful Blues and Whites

We want to introduce you to blue and white décor and why you must consider it for your indoor oasis. Rooted in traditional Asian cultures, decorating with these colors is associated with bringing a sense of calmness and serenity. These colors will do a fabulous job of complementing your plants. 

Put the above trends together and you have the perfect opportunity to build an amazing indoor oasis. What’s the best way to do that? With Anthony Shapiro ceramics in gorgeous cobalt blues and dreamy whites, of course! 

Choose Anthony Shapiro Ceramics for Your Indoor Oasis

Anthony Shapiro Ceramics are centered around the history of traditional blue and white designs but with a new look. This accomplished artist takes inspiration from Delft ceramics and traditional blue and white Japanese/Chinese ceramics typically associated with calm and serenity. His pieces are hand thrown, hand coiled and recognized internationally for their clean, contemporary and classical look. Let’s take a look at his work. 

Anthony Shapiro Collection: 8"h Cobalt Blue & White Dotted Ceramic Planter with Vertical Lines

Every indoor oasis calls for greenery in all shapes and sizes. Instead of outdated or plain pots, pick an original Anthony Shapiro planter for each of your favorite plants. The color combination and design on this planter will fit into any theme while still being a beautiful focal point for your oasis. 

The size of this planter makes it convenient to place anywhere. It can grace a tabletop or be kept on the floor. It will look beautiful holding a verdant Fiddle Leaf Fig plant which will wonderfully complement the blue and white tones, or you may choose to put bright Anthuriums in it and let the planter highlight the colorful flowers. Any way you choose to use this planter it makes for an exceptional addition in your home. 

Visit our online shop to find more beautiful and original Anthony Shapiro ceramics for your indoor oasis. 

The Curious Tour is proud to carry the work of talented South African artisans and we hope that you can find the perfect handcrafted gifts from jewelry to home décor, for any occasion. 

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