Cuddles and Hugs Make the Perfect Handcrafted Gift for Valentine’s Day

Teddy Bear Family Handcrafted Gift

After endless months of social distancing, hugging your loved one this Valentine’s Day will certainly feel extra special. Not that you need an excuse to celebrate that special someone in your life, but this day is always marked with the “extra” in our ordinary lives.

At The Curious Tour we have a wide variety of extraordinary handcrafted gifts for all your loved ones, but we know how much teddy bears are coveted on Valentine’s Day. Let us show you a sweet, familiar teddy bear but with a gorgeous South African Twist!

Our Teddy Bear Family

These gorgeous teddy bears take a spin on the traditional cute and fuzzy bears that you generally see around this time of year. While they keep the traditional cute and cuddly intact, these teddies are adorned with magical colors and whimsical designs to take your breath away!

When you present these handcrafted gifts, you’re gifting love, artwork, and the rich stories that the patterns tell. Every hug, every cuddle will feel extra special and remind your loved ones of your love and care for them.

Our Teddy Bear Family has four different sizes to choose from ranging from extra-small to extra-large, but whatever size you choose, it’s going to feel like a whole lot of love! You know you’re appealing to that child inside each of us.

The smaller bears are a great addition to a Valentine’s day basket or paired with a beautiful bouquet, and the bigger teddies work wonderfully as the main star of your Valentine’s day gift.

Take a look at our beautiful collections to find the perfect handcrafted gift this Valentine’s Day!

With our vast collection of handcrafted gifts including home décor, jewelry, and more, you can be sure to find the perfect piece to say, “I love you”, right in time for Valentine’s Day.

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