Our Valentine’s Day Last-Minute Gifts will warm your hearts

Our Valentine’s Day Last-Minute Gifts will warm your hearts

Valentine’s Day is extra special this year, as all of us endured enough social distancing and isolation. It’s time to bond, hug and cuddle with your loved ones.

What’s even more important, it’s time to celebrate love by exchanging our unique gifts, handmade by The Curious Tour’s talented South African Artisans.

You don’t need to stress out about finding the right gift any longer. Our unique artists provide you with a solution through their beautiful, convenient collection, from Home Decor to Jewelry to Fashion.


Kikoi Shawls

You can now stay warm and cuddle with your loved ones under our cozy Kikoi Shawls, made of a unique traditional woven rectangle of East African fabric and available in Heather Green, Cream and Aqua Heather.


Power-Packed Alpaca Collection

Our talented South African, Artisan women made the most beautiful alpaca blend scarves and hats from the highest quality alpaca, uniquely from Peru. Lanolin free, eco-friendly and soft for your skin, this collection is comfortably warm and comes in 7 different styles, perfect for a cold winter!


Alpaca Heads Wonderfully Warm and Soft

Our collection of alpaca headbands are not only comfortable, but have patterns like no other and are beyond stylish.

You will have warm ears with a unique design of refreshing cultural sensibility and contemporary colors, handwoven by skilled artisans from natural alpaca fibers. From our friends in Peru.

Only for the month of February, The Curious Tour presents a Special offer of 15% off Alpaca headbands.


Teddy Bear Family

What’s better for lovely Valentine’s Day than cuddly, plushy Teddy Bears to light up your day.

Each of those cute, fuzzy friends is for the child inside us and tells the maker’s personal story through the unique, handmade design and imagery. They’re available in different sizes and patterns to your cuddly liking!

These teddies are made with colors of magic and a whimsical touch on the design, while keeping their traditional cuddliness. We have a special offer of 10% off teddy bears for the whole month of love.

Gifts for Her

There’s no better gift for a woman than support her causes. Our unique selection of African handmade home decor and breaded bracelets support women with their beauty.

Chunky Blue Is The Warmest Necklace with its tones of light blue has an exquisite charm. Its one of many of the beautiful statement pieces, suitable to show women the love and affection they deserve.

The Pedi Bangles in Sultry Neutrals is simple, sophisticated and stunning. Just like her.

The beadwork on this unique piece of jewelry will surely warm her heart! Let’s support the Mdukatchani craft project, an outreach program that helps fund housing projects, rape counselling, medical care, and education for craftswomen in rural parts of South Africa who are struggling to be self-sufficient and nurture their families.

Check out our beautiful collections to find the perfect, unique handcrafted gift this Valentine’s Day!

With our vast collection of handcrafted gifts including home décor, jewelry, and more, you can be sure to find the perfect piece to say, “I love you”, right in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Curious Tour donates 50% of each item sold to the Mdukatshani craft project.

To shop our handcrafted gifts, contact The Curious Tour online today or call (212) 691-9153.