One-Stop Shopping for Jaw-Dropping Home Décor Items

If you have a room or a whole house that needs a radical makeover, begin by putting away your accessories and starting new. It's amazing how decorative baskets, lighting, and one-of-a-kind home décor items can add tasteful layers to your cozy, quirky, or traditional home interior.  

Here are some home décor ideas on how to use handmade South African products available at The Curious Tour without overdoing a good thing:

  • Quality Trumps Quantity. Instead of clicking yes to mass produced items that anyone can buy at the local big box store, why not accessorize each room by going for a few items with a wow factor? Often, one unique piece can anchor the furnishings in an entire room.

  • Hang one, two, or three Jellyfish Chandeliers above your barstool counter or dining room table for a mixture of whimsy, practicality, and continuous delight.

  • Add an organic ceramic motif with our selection of porcelain cones with African-themed patterns and textures.

  • Eclectic Not Messy. Combining colors and textures is a great way to make any room feel layered and sophisticated. However, it's better to choose a few statement pieces than to display every figurine and statuette you own. If you have large furniture in neutral colors, you may have achieved a modern or industrial vibe. However, make sure you haven't removed all vitality from your home.

  • Vetiver baskets and hearts add a bright, organic feel that brings an earthy element to your room.

  • Our Baobab Key Tree is a hand-sculpted metal Baobab tree. The Baobab tree traditionally provided water, food, shelter and even clothing to various African cultures. Use The Curious Tour unique Baobab tree to create a unique one-of-a-kind focal point for your home décor.

  • Consider Asymmetrical Arrangements. In the living room, people often hang a mirror over the mantle and flank it with perfectly even sconces. While this is very orderly, it may not be the best way to showcase your accessories.

    Group one-of-a-kind home décor made by South African craftswomen in odd sets of three, five or seven for fun and festive wall accessories that break up the straight lines of sofas, tables and chairs.

  • We highly recommend a school of Fishes Wishes to add a fanciful note to your kitchen wall.

  • Our Teddy Bear Family wears clothes in glorious storybook inspired colors that look great in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

For more home décor ideas, shop at The Curious Tour for handcrafted accents and accessories that add the perfect personality to your space.

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