Choose One-of-a-Kind Home Décor for Valentine’s Day Gifts that Stand Out

You know you struck gold with that special someone in your life. Your one-of-a-kind love deserves nothing but the best on Valentine’s Day, and every special occasion that celebrates your love.

With gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home décor pieces from The Curious Tour collection, you have the opportunity to show your loved one how much you care, in an extra special way. Choose South African art and craft that adds a unique aesthetic to any home. And of course, when you choose it for your true love, it’s not just any home!

Among our enviable range of designer collections is the J P Meyer collection of South African home décor that includes chic, eye-catching pieces that stand out and make heads turn. Take for example, this Eye Vase in red and white lozenges.

Whether you present it with a bunch of red and white long stem roses this Valentine’s Day, or you gift it on its own, this sophisticated piece of art is sure to win your loved one’s heart. It’s available in an assortment of 5 sizes from extra small to large. If you get bowled over, buy one for yourself too! Oh, and you don’t have to stop at one for your loved one either.

At The Curious Tour, we admire the talent and artwork of artists from around the world. South African artists, including J P Meyer have a special place in our hearts for the extraordinary blend of design and color in a contemporary aesthetic that is truly one of a kind. Not only are the pieces uniquely beautiful, but most of them also have heartwarming backstories.

When you buy these handcrafted gifts for the special people in your life, you will feel good to know that you are also making a difference to the lives of the artisans and craftspeople who create these gorgeous pieces. Read more here about the Mdukatshani Craft Project that we support.         

Take a look at our beautiful collections to find one of a kind home décor items for your Valentine!

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