Make Valentine’s Day Extraordinary with Unique Handmade Gifts for Your Special Someone

Say goodbye to the traditional gifts of Valentine’s Day past and hello to one-of-a-kind gifts. You can find them right here in New York City, even if it’s last minute!

The Curious Tour has so many unique handmade gifts and many of them are also gifts that support women’s causes.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s to hold on tightly to our loved ones and show them our love and appreciation.

What better way to express your love than by giving them a special gift? Especially if that gift is one that supports women’s causes while also being culturally responsible. Here are three unique Valentine’s gifts to put on your list!

  • Teddy Bear Family
    For those who have a child-like spirit but maintain a chic, sophisticated personality, these Teddy Bears' pudgy paws are interlaced with history and culture.

    Colorful threads and whimsical designs that are unique to each bear are sure to stand out. Giving these bears as gifts symbolizes love, art, and the rich stories portrayed in the patterns.

    The Teddy Bear Family has four different sizes that can suit all your gifting needs. Whether you want to gift it as an ensemble or as a part of a Valentine’s Day gift basket, you have a choice. If these bears catch your fancy, you’re in luck! We have a special offer: 10% off for the entire month of February.

  • Power Pack Alpaca Headbands: If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift in New York, we have got you covered with our handcrafted artisan alpaca headbands.

    Showcasing gorgeous floral designs, these headbands are woven with the finest alpaca wool and created with contemporary colors. The Power Pack Alpaca Headbands are perfect for folks who squeal at the thought of buying something warm, cozy, and fashionable.

    Straight from the beautiful country of Peru, these headbands are patterned by skilled artisans in four designs that could go well with almost any outfit. If you can’t narrow it down, buy them all. After all, we have a 15% discount for this month on Alpaca Headbands.

  • Kikoi Shawls : The Kikoi Shawl is a traditional African fabric that is made with 100% cotton and has patterns that are woven, rather than dyed, into the fabric.

    The shawl can sit elegantly on shoulders, be wrapped around the waist as a sarong, or be folded into a bag. The Kikoi Shawl is the most versatile fabric you could give to a loved one.

Our Kikoi Shawl comes from a shop in a sleepy village in Southern Mozambique, but you can order it from across the world in New York City for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. Choose from our three designs of shawls and you won’t be disappointed.

This Valentine’s Day choose something outstanding for your loved one. We have more handcrafted artisan goods that will have your special someone fall head over heels in love…again!

Browse our collections and get ready to feel the love when you shop The Curious Tour. Remember when you support The Curious Tour, we donate 50% of each item sold to the Mdukatshani craft project.

Call (212) 691-9153 if you have any other questions or concerns when finding your perfect Valentine’s Day gift!