Get to Know The Curious Tour: Inspired by the Art of Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

We Found Inspiration in South Africa

Our love for art started at home. We grew up with art on the walls and artists in the family. through the house. Our parents and grandparents loved art and we were taught that art came from all around everywhere in the world. After travelling to Africa countless times and living in East Africa for a year, we found our inspiration in the museum of Nairobi, the hundreds of different tribes in Kenya and the material culture that the people lived with.

How We Choose Our African Beaded Jewelry and Other Products

It may seem that due to the high quality and uniqueness of the products we carry, there is a lengthy process involved in how we choose them. However, at The Curious Tour, we choose our products based on what we like and how we respond to them. For instance, at a farmer’s market we found beautiful pieces of African beaded jewelry and fell in love. Then it took 5 years just to find the person who made them! Whatever products we carry, we want to be able to recognize the artists behind them. We search relentlessly to find these artists through networks, relationships, and friendships. 

Our Favorite Items and African Beaded Jewelry Pieces 

Our focus is to look for very intricate and high-quality work in handcrafted items. These qualities shine through in our Aida Bracelets which have complicated designs and colors that change every year. We also have a high appreciation for unique items. We had never seen anything like the Candy Crunch Necklaces before and found them so beautifully different, yet easy to wear. 

What’s Next for The Curious Tour?

As support for our operation grows, we want to expand what we do to help more areas of the world. We want to bring recognition to more underappreciated artists and creators that live in harsh geographies. We believe that our next step will be South Asia. It is another amazing part of the world where people make amazing things out of nothing and we would love to be able to give back to those communities. We hope to find more creators as talented as the South African artisans who provide us with the most extraordinary pieces and lifelong friendships. 

For more handcrafted African beaded jewelry made by amazing South African artisans, browse our online shop today. 

Find gorgeous items that you love or would love to gift to someone, that are handcrafted in the heart of South Africa. Sustainable, unique, and beautiful, we have it all at The Curious Tour.

The Curious Tour is an avid supporter of the Mdukatshani Craft Project. Fifty percent of all proceeds go to craftswomen in rural and harsh parts of South Africa. With this support, they can actively uphold a sufficient income to support themselves, their families, and communities. 

To learn more about the Mdukatshani Craft Project and shop for exquisite African beaded jewelry, handcrafted gifts, and home décor, contact The Curious Tour online today or call (212) 691-9153