Anthony Shapiro Ceramics – Your Home Décor, Your Way

At The Curious Tour, we’re always looking for ways for you to decorate your home. This year we found that the top color trends for calm and serenity in home décor are blue and white. Luckily for all of us, we carry gorgeous one-of-a-kind designer ceramic home décor by ceramic artists Anthony Shapiro and Lisa Firer. These stunning pieces that come in soft white and cobalt blue, are the perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary homes.

Anthony Shapiro and Lisa Firer—Artists Par Excellence

It is an honor to carry the work of these two phenomenal ceramicists at The Curious Tour. Let us introduce them to you.

Multiple award winner, South African ceramic artist, Anthony Shapiro is known as ‘The Master of Clay’ and we think the name suits him quite well. Influenced by modern architecture, design, and nature, his handmade pieces are described as ‘classical, timeless and contemporary’.

Lisa Firer and her small team are in love with porcelain and we are in love with their work! In her studio in Cape Town, South Africa these talented women dominate the numerous techniques of forming marvelous porcelain creations. Using hand rolling, hand embossing, slab imprinting and many more unique techniques, Lisa Firer and her team create gorgeous tea light holders and vases that we carry here at The Curious Tour.

Here are four unique cobalt designer ceramics that will truly lift your spirits.

The Calm and Serenity of Blue and White Home Décor

Anthony Shapiro Collection: 17” Cobalt Blue & White Dotted Ceramic Bottle

This beautiful blue and white dotted bottle is a unique item because each piece is handcrafted and hand-painted. The delicate neck will perfectly hold a single flower or greenery, or you can just display the artwork by itself. This bottle will look gorgeous next to your fireplace, on your vanity, in his office and anywhere else you decide to place it. Bring life and elegance into your home with this one-of-a-kind ceramic.

Anthony Shapiro Collection: 8 1/4” Cobalt Blue & White Dotted Ceramic Planter

Lush, verdant greenery needs an equally exquisite planter to sit in. This unique cobalt blue and white dotted planter will be a wonderful addition to your indoor or outdoor garden. The irregular patterning and blue and white colors add a state-of-the-art South African flair to your garden setting.

Shapiro dotted planter

Anthony Shapiro Collection: 11 ¼” Cobalt Blue & White Ceramic Bottle with Swirls

If a piece of décor could put you in a memorable trance, this bottle will be the one to do it. This marvelous, designer handcrafted ceramic looks beautiful in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. You can purchase this piece by itself or buy it with other cobalt blue and white pieces by Anthony Shapiro to have a full collection of mesmerizing ceramic wonders.

Shapirp Swirl Bottle

Lisa Firer Collection: Porcelain Taper Vases

These three blue and soft white Taper Vases by Lisa Firer have such a unique shape and design that you will be sure to find the perfect one for your unique home. The vases will look amazing holding a bouquet of flowers in the summer, branches of colored leaves in the fall and pine branches with ornaments in the winter. These stunning ceramics by Lisa Firer will adorn your home all year around  and offer a fresh look at the turn of each season.

Look for more gorgeous Anthony Shapiro and Lisa Firer ceramics in home décor at The Curious Tour that will fit your home perfectly.

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