Use African Handmade Décor to Keep Up with 2021 Trends

Earthy tones. Home sanctuaries. Au naturel. Wavy, squiggly and curvy décor. All on the wall. Explore the floor. These are some of the top trends in home décor for 2021.

The good news is that you can stay on top of these and more trends that catch your fancy, by using extraordinary South African handmade décor from The Curious Tour collection.

Take a look at just a few of our fabulous décor items that you can buy online and take advantage of our offer for free shipping within the USA on all orders over $50 

Drab to Fab Homes with South African Handmade Décor 

  1. Oh, What a Tray!: Rich, earthy tones are all the rage. So is natural fiber and anything made from natural materials.

    What’s more, when you can pick from a range of colors, you want to pick them all! These unique trays are handcrafted using hemp fiber crocheted by the skilled women of Khayelitsha near Cape Town, South Africa.

    Whether you use them as serving trays or to adorn your wall, they are sure to catch the eye and elicit the same, delightful response— “Oh, what a tray!”

  2. Vetiver Baskets and Hearts: Your home sanctuary is the place you find rest, relaxation and comfort. There’s something truly earthy and comforting about these simple, classy baskets and hearts woven from the fragrant vetiver grass by skilled artists in some of the harshest parts of Africa.

    These are
    gifts that give back to the communities that create them. As you place them around your living spaces, you will feel good knowing you made a difference.

    Now go on and put your feet up while you reach for your favorite aromatic lotions and scents placed in a vetiver basket from The Curious Tour.   

  3. Peacock Lace Basket: If you like the current trend for wavy, squiggly and curvy design, these Moonbasket hemp lace creations should be among your top picks for South African handmade décor.

    The masterful crochet art in beautiful colors makes quite the statement. You can place these baskets anywhere you want, from your bedroom to your living room and kitchen counter to home office desk.

    And of course, explore the floor to place curios, candelabras, crystals and gemstones, or even those mystical Reiki stones in these pretty baskets.

For more South African handmade décor, shop at The Curious Tour. Call (212) 691-9153 if you have any questions or need ideas to decorate your home in the latest trends.