African Handmade Décor to Light Up Father’s Day 2021

No matter how young or how old they may be, dads have a unique way of making you feel special.

Did your dad jump up and down in the middle of the street when you rode a bike without training wheels the first time? Does flipping a burger seem like the most fascinating juggling act when dad is at the grill? Have you wondered why that lawnmower grumbles and chokes but then always mows the lawn perfectly as dad cruises back and forth with it? It’s true, dads are special, and irreplaceable.

So, what can you do this Father’s Day to make your dad feel extra special? How about some unique African handmade décor items? At The Curious Tour we have a fabulous collection of uncommon, handcrafted gifts for Father’s Day. If your dad has been housebound like the rest of us over the past 18 months, this is a great way to satisfy the travel bug in him.

Our handcrafted gifts are made by rural artisans in many parts of Africa. You can bring a little piece of mysterious Africa into dad’s life. What’s more, we also offer free shipping within the USA when you order more than $50 worth of really cool gifts dad will love.

We know how hard it will be to decide when you browse through our online store. There’s so much to choose from! To help you, we have picked our favorites—see below.

Top 5 Father’s Day Handcrafted Gift Ideas for 2021

  1. Ornamental 'Mozambican Ebony' Containers: The locals call this Mozambican black ebony, Mpingo in Swahili. The gorgeous wood used to make these lidded containers inspires the skilled artists to carve them into stunning creations. They come in small and large sizes, and we have 11 beautiful designs, so go ahead and pick the one your dad will love.
  2. Writer's Delight Set of Five Bone and Wood Pens: If dad could travel to Africa, he would write you a postcard and walk miles in the hot sun to post it. Gift him this exquisite set of pens handcrafted with Ankole-Watusi bone and wood. They come in 5 beautiful designs.

  3. JP Meyer Ceramic Collection: Ball Jar Vase, Grey with Black Rectangles, White Squares: Not everyone would think of buying their dad a vase. But this vase is not just any vase, and your dad is not just any dad. Both have signature styles! Of course, don’t roll your eyes if dad decides he wants to keep his cocktail stirrers in it and place it on his bar, instead of using it for flowers in the living room.

  4. Zen Lamp: Dads often travel to get away from the madness of hectic work routines. So, how can you help your dad find some Zen time when he isn’t traveling? Try this unique, Japanese inspired, South African Zen Lamp. For handcrafted gifts for Father’s Day, this one is an easy choice.

  5. Rondavel Porcelain Cones: On a trip through Africa, dad would love the sight of thatched roof huts. These textured porcelain cones come very close and if you want some uncommon, really cool gifts dad will love, pick one of these, or buy all three!

For more African handmade décor, shop at The Curious Tour. Buy gifts for your loved ones or add a touch of elegance and unmistakable style to your own home. Call (212) 691-9153 if you have any questions or need help finding the perfect handcrafted gifts for Father’s Day this year.