African Beaded Jewelry: Past to Present

Throughout history, African beaded jewelry has been essential in African cultures. Beads were used to tell a variety of stories symbolizing life in its many colors. Whether a piece of jewelry marks a special time in someone’s life or speaks to the individuality of the wearer, each piece is distinct and very beautiful. With our beaded jewelry you will express yourself in so many ways. We want our stunning fashion pieces to adorn you and tell a story that resonates with you! You’ll find some extraordinary masterpieces in our collection.

The Deeper Meanings in African Beadwork

Throughout history, African beaded jewelry was never just about fashion. The intricate beadwork held complex meanings. Beads played a vital role in: commerce, status and rites of passage within the wearer’s community. For hundreds of years, beads have been used to identify the wearer. As one example, the Ndebele people of South Africa, specifically the girls and women, wear beadwork indicating different life passages. Gift one of our new Pedi Bangles, beaded by Pedi craftswomen, to a beautiful person that you know is entering a new chapter in life. These gorgeous and intricate bangles communicate the wearer’s beauty to everyone. Ranging in eleven different color combinations, you have a large variety to choose from to perfectly adorn your favorite people.

Pedi Brights Bracelets

Every Bead Has a Story to Tell

Every bead and every piece of jewelry tells a story in traditional African cultures. Pieces from our newly designed contemporary collection are more than just eye candy, and speaking of candy, let’s talk about our delectable Candy Crunch Necklace! This piece is made from repurposed candy molds. Each handcrafted resin bead varies in shape and color, making every necklace unique. These beautiful beads are strung on a stunning aqua blue leather cord with detailed charms between each bead. These necklaces are what you want in your collection, all year ‘round.

Aqua Candy Crunch

The Beauty in Handcraft

All our African beaded jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in South Africa. Our Aida Collection Bracelets give you a chance to have a close look at skilled beadwork by talented creators. The slight irregularities confirm their handcrafted nature and make each bracelet unique to the wearer and the artist. You will be excited with the many color combinations that make them perfect for every season and every outfit!

Aida bracelets

Wearing a Story

Only the most remarkable piece of jewelry will take your mind to a different place when you first see it. Our Blue is the Warmest Necklace does exactly that. This necklace is the loveliest shade of the prettiest blue and is adorned with intricate beads. And for variety, this necklace comes in an adjustable length. When you put all of that together, the sight takes you to the warm blue beaches of Cape Town. Wear this necklace that speaks of a warm summer breeze, salty cool waters, and soft white sand. We’ll take that dream!

Blue is the warmest necklace

Find more of our handcrafted African jewelry for yourself or someone special and learn all about their rich story!

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The Curious Tour is a proud supporter of the Mdukatshani Craft project which supports artisans in South Africa by sending them fifty percent of the proceeds. This helps the creators become financially stable and provide for themselves and their families in harsher, rural parts of South Africa.

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