7 Ways Handmade Baskets from Africa Fulfill Storage and Décor Functions

The Curious Tour proudly offers a wide selection of handmade baskets from South Africa. These decorative baskets have intricate patterns and are woven using techniques passed down through generations.

Swirling patterns and gorgeous colors capture the spirit of Africa and lend an exotic bent to bookshelves, tabletops, and walls.

All of our decorative baskets are handmade by various groups of women in South Africa.

Handmade baskets from South Africa each have unique features because they aren’t made in a factory by machines. Instead, talented, passionate artists create each one with care and precision.  

50 % of the proceeds from the sales of our decorative baskets are donated to support the Mdukatshani Craft Project and the women of Msinga.

Use Your Handmade Baskets from South Africa with Pride

Get organized and take your décor from drab to fab with South African baskets made using time honored techniques:

1) Centerpiece Basket. If you're like most families, your kitchen table serves multiple purposes these days. From a daytime desk to weekend craft table to a gathering place for meals, you can use the stunning Moonbasket Small Peacock Lace baskets to hold decorative items, fruit, even essential supplies for schoolwork and working from home.

Lace Moonbaskets start with flexible hemp woven into beautiful bowls then treated with a stiffening agent to hold their shape. They grace tables as unique centerpiece bowls.

2) Fruit Basket. Apples, lemons, and oranges nestle neatly in our Moonbasket Folded Net Baskets. The next time you go to the farmers market or store and want a place to display beautiful fresh fruit, you can place them in your handmade baskets from South Africa.

3) Storage Basket If you're like most people, you constantly bring home new knickknacks that you can't possibly display all at one time. Whether it’s small kids’ toys, the collection of small buddhas you got in Chinatown, or wallets and keys, decorative baskets provide the perfect catch-all storage.

You can keep items near at hand without having them take up your entire tabletop or counter space. No promises that you won't have to remind everyone there's a new place to put stuff rather than the floor or kitchen table!

4) Wall Decor Basket. If you love your handmade baskets from South Africa too much to put stuff in them, you can find innovative ways to display them. A stylish trend, putting baskets on your wall can add color, texture, and a focal point to take your room from boring to vibrant.

Choose a bright splash of color from Moonbasket’s “Oh what a Tray”, Large Peacock Lace Bowls or a Zenzulu Lace Platter.

5) Merchandising Basket. Although most people first think of home when they see our Small Neon Striped Bowls, there's no reason you can't use them to brighten your office or retail space.

Whether you want to feature fresh produce or small items at the counter, you can choose from our small or large handmade baskets from South Africa for an eye-catching look that attracts paying customers. However, you may have to remind them that the basket isn't for sale!

6) Breadbasket. An oldie but a goodie — add new flair to your breadbasket. If you love whole grain bread such as rye or pumpernickel, why not turn your breakfast staple into part of your kitchen décor? Your handmade sourdough or fresh muffins would look great in one of our decorative baskets such as the Moonbasket Nest Basket.

7) Not Your Ordinary Gift Basket. Use a handwoven South African basket to create a customized housewarming or holiday gift basket. Skip the wrapping that ends up in the trash and turn one of our decorative baskets into part of the gift, perfect for our Small Peacock Lace Bowl from Moonbasket.

Browse our collection of handmade baskets from South Africa for inspiration on how to use them in your home or business.

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