5 Gifts that Support Women’s Causes and Make the Recipient Feel Truly Special

When you’re shopping for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because you are madly in love, why not give one-of-a-kind gifts that support women’s causes. You can also delight your loved one with a practical, beautiful gift crafted by underserved women artisans in many parts of Africa.

If you love gift ideas that give back to charity but don’t enjoy shopping, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some excellent ideas from The Curious Tour staff to help you choose gifts for the important people in your life. Plus, each product has an interesting backstory you can share.

  • Blue is the Warmest Necklace: When you feel confident and beautiful, you look sensational, and this necklace pulls perfect blues out of the sky and sea to help you shine in any environment. Intricate beadwork and sparkling gems flash like a spotlight when you want all eyes on you. Give this to the woman who makes you feel radiant.
  • Handcrafted Baskets in Many Textures: You won’t believe your eyes when you view baskets made of nets, crocheted fabric, and woven grass. These beautiful bowls and baskets are strong and functional, and an instant conversation piece at your next get-together. Handmade baskets make a great gift for neighbors and family members with an eye for couture kitchenware.
  • Lisa Firer Collection: Fynbos Bud Vases: Anyone can buy flowers and slip them in a vase bought at the corner drugstore. Why not make the vase a statement piece the next time a birthday or anniversary rolls around? This delicately folded porcelain vase has fragile swirls of fynbos (small shrubs that grow in South Africa) and a customized shape for each product.
  • Wearable Slinky Necklace: Maybe you never envisioned wearing a slinky as a necklace. However, these high-fashion pieces are striking and fun. Choose from royal blue, white, red, orange, aqua, yellow, black, and silver — or collect them all for a rainbow of color that will match all your outfits. Or maybe you can give one to a friend you especially love.
  • Jelly Fish Chandelier: Despite the whimsical name, this special lighting fixture creates an elegant ambiance in the dining room or kitchen. It makes a great house-warming gift for siblings, children, or parents.

Browse our collections for other gifts that give back to charity and help you give unforgettable items that last for a lifetime. Call (212) 691-9153 to reach The Curious Tour staff with questions about other gifts that support women’s causes.