4 Unique Handmade Gifts to Brighten Up this Holiday Season

Most of us started 2020 with the usual excitement of a new year, and very soon, we were wishing it would just be over.

Well, it’s happening soon, but before we reach the end of this unprecedented year, it’s time for giving thanks, counting our blessings, and celebrating the magic of the holidays. 

Yes, we know, finding the right gifts for the right people can be stressful. Lucky for you, The Curious Tour is here to lend a hand. We have selected four of our favorite unique handmade gifts that you can share with someone special this year.

These pieces are elegant, timeless, beautiful and might just be exactly what you are looking for. Let’s take a look…

JP Meyer Ceramic Collection: Eye Vase in Red and White Chain

It’s almost as if the extraordinary South African artist, JP Meyer designed this gorgeous ceramic piece with the holidays in mind. This beautiful vase combines bright bold colors, sophisticated design and impressive handcraft into one unique item that is perfect to gift this holiday season.

It can be a lovely addition to match with holiday décor or a statement piece to brighten any room or office space. You can fill this vase with ornaments, branches, or floral stems, or you can place it independently as a statement piece that is sure to turn heads.

Heart Shaped Coconut Wood Salad Bowl and Serving Set

This set is made with love and you can really see it! This magical heart shaped salad bowl is handcrafted from a certain type of aged coconut wood which is on the denser side and requires strong hands to carve it.

At The Curious Tour, we are lucky to have found the most talented, strong women artists who create this beautiful and unique item. The serving spoon and fork are made from Ankoli-Watusi horn as well as coconut wood. This eco-sustainable and richly patterned set is ideal to serve holiday meals and desserts with love.

Tikar, Objet D'art

Sourced from the Tikar of Cameroon, Tikars are unique handcrafted pieces of beadwork around a clay core that are meant to be displayed alone. The combination of dazzling colors, lustrous finish and contemporary shape add beauty and balance to any space.

In a range of 5 different colors, these pieces are eye-catching, holiday décor must-haves! They will make for the perfect gift for an office space, art-lover or beautiful home that needs a touch of something infinitely more beautiful.

Themba Masala Bowls

These intricate and dazzling bowls are handcrafted by highly skilled papier-mâché sculptor, handcrafter and painter, Themba Masala. Each item is unique and adorned with detailed painted birds on colorful backgrounds.

These bowls make for beautiful center pieces that can stand alone or be filled with decorative pieces like ornaments, flower petals or fruits. The Themba Masala bowls are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for someone you love.

Take a closer look at our collections for more unique handmade gifts to share this holiday season.

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