4 Unique Ceramic Gift Ideas

For a unique gift idea, many people are enthusiastically exploring the world of ceramics for inspiration. Anthony Shapiro has been regarded for many years as one of the top ceramicists in South Africa. The Curious Tour is proud to partner with this internationally recognized artist, and offer a range of stunning handmade ceramic items from his collection. These objects are not only made for practical use, but they are works of art that act as beautiful focal points in any space.

We have listed a few of our favorite handmade ceramic objects by Anthony Shapiro, which you can give to your loved ones as a special gift this year.

Handmade ceramics by Anthony Shapiro

Cobalt blue and white dotted bottle

Anthony Shapiro is widely celebrated for his unique ceramic bottles, which are decorated in vibrant hues of his signature cobalt blue designs. This dotted blue and white bottle is a classic example of his contemporary style and attention to fine details. This ceramic piece could be used as a stylish addition to maximalist home decor, or a focal point in a more streamlined home design.

Cobalt blue bottle with crisscross lines

Shapiro often discusses his inspiration from modern architecture. This is evident in this cobalt blue bottle, where the lines are reminiscent of a curved building or a long bridge. The deep cobalt blue design against a stark white background makes this ceramic artwork a great gift idea for those who want to add an interesting design element to a light and airy space.

Cobalt blue and white bottle with swirls

The organic imagery of waves anchored by geometric lines creates a sense of motion, while also providing a timeless addition to any interior design. This cobalt blue and white bottle with swirls is a great gift representing an individual’s personal style through art.

Cobalt blue and white dotted vessel with vertical lines

This Cobalt blue and white dotted vessel with vertical lines boast a serene cobalt interior, providing a soothing and calming effect many have come to admire. Shapiro’s designs often incorporate aspects from other cultures, as can be seen in this ceramic, with its design reminiscent of various Japanese styles. 

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