Horn Containers with Lids

Horn Containers with Lids

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Each is a unique product.

What is your dresser missing?

Whether you are a He or a She everybody needs a stylish place at day's end to put earrings, necklaces, change, cufflinks, or keys. Choose one of The Curious Tour's richly patterned, sustainable and eco-friendly horn products sourced from our friends in Uganda, Africa.

This particular variety of cow horn is a bi-product of food consumption. Ugandans have found a way to turn these once discarded horns into beautiful and practical objects.

The unprocessed horn is first boiled then shaped, cooled, cleaned, extensively sanded and hand polished. This intensive hand crafting yields a most beautiful and unique finished product.

Please choose from our striking one-of-a-kind containers.

Size: 2 5/8" H x 3 1/2" outer diameter.